• Keep your assets on hand and your projects on-brand.

    With Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries you can manage, organize, and access your logos, colors, and more in your favorite Creative Cloud apps. Work more efficiently, ensure creative consistency, and easily stay in sync with your team.

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    Creative Cloud Libraries

    Creative Cloud Libraries in action.

    Personal and shared libraries put your colors, character styles, materials, brushes, images, videos — and now audio files — at your fingertips. Get all the creative assets you use most right inside your Creative Cloud desktop and mobile apps as well as the Creative Cloud desktop app itself.


    Get access everywhere.

    Get access everywhere.

    Find assets fast with libraries in desktop and mobile apps like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, XD, Dimension, Capture, the Creative Cloud desktop app, and Microsoft PowerPoint and Word. You can even access your assets when you’re offline.

    Streamline your workflows.

    Streamline your workflows.

    With all your team or project assets in one place, you can avoid re-creating assets and simply reuse them. Just drag an asset from an app to a library to make it a reusable element — files automatically convert to the right format for use in your apps.?Plus, you can apply character styles directly from your libraries to work even faster.?If you’re new to Creative Cloud Libraries, don’t worry — we’ve built library packs just for you.

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    Sync, share, and, and update fast.

    Sync, share, and update fast.

    Make collaboration a breeze by sharing common assets in team libraries. And link graphics so that if they’re changed, you and your team can easily update them across projects to maintain creative consistency. See how your team can work up to 8x faster with libraries.

    Connect to Adobe Stock.

    Connect to Adobe Stock.

    Save Adobe Stock files to your libraries in a single click. Search millions of high-quality images, videos, design templates, and Motion Graphics templates. Try watermarked selections in your designs, and buy high-res versions directly from inside your libraries.

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    Support for video and audio

    Manage audio and video assets.

    Tap into new ways to manage your audio files with tools to save and organize from Premiere Pro. Share frequently used audio and video assets, graphics, motion graphics, and grading presets across workflows right from the Creative Cloud Libraries panel.

    Discover how to work smarter with Creative Cloud Libraries.

    Sharpen your skills and learn new techniques with our free tutorials. Learn more

    Create, reuse, and share assets.

    Save design assets from Adobe Capture.

    Link design assets with your libraries.

    Helping Atlantic Records connect artists with fans.

    See how the record label’s design teams use Creative Cloud Libraries to collaborate efficiently and deliver digital experiences that are beautiful, consistent, and customized to each artist’s brand.


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    Helping Atlantic Records connect artists with fans.
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    Connected to Creative Cloud.

    Creative Cloud Libraries connect to your favorite creative desktop apps, mobile apps, and services so you and your team can quickly access the assets you need, when you need them.

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    Take your go-to creative assets to go.


    Get Creative Cloud Libraries along with Adobe’s entire collection of creative apps for as low as?US$52.99/mo.

    Apps and services. Connected all in one place.

    Whether you’re using Photoshop, XD, or Spark, you’ll have direct access to Creative Cloud Libraries from inside every app and service listed below.


    Adobe Photoshop

    Image editing and compositing.


    Adobe Dimension

    Create photorealistic 3D images for branding, product shots, and package design.


    Adobe Illustrator

    Vector graphics and illustration.

    Premiere Pro

    Adobe Premiere Pro

    Industry-standard pro video and film editing.


    Adobe InDesign

    Page design and layout for print and digital publishing.


    Adobe XD

    Design, prototype, and share user experiences.

    Adobe Fresco

    Adobe Fresco

    Freeform drawing and painting for stylus and touch devices.

    Premiere Rush

    Adobe Premiere Rush

    Create and share online videos anywhere.

    Adobe Stock

    Adobe Stock

    Easily search and license millions of high-quality assets inside your Creative Cloud apps.

    Creative Cloud Desktop

    Creative Cloud desktop app

    Easily manage your Creative Cloud apps, services, and libraries.

    After Effects

    Adobe After Effects

    Cinematic visual effects and motion graphics.


    Adobe Capture

    Create production-ready assets anytime, anywhere, and save them directly to your libraries.